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Mad Panda
Hayward, California, United States
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21 grams, afi, anime, anne rice, army, army national guard, army special forces, artemis entreri, avatar, avatar the last airbender, battlestar galactica, bean, benicio del toro, bioware, books, california, chargers, civil war, cold war kids, comics, computer gaming, computers, deutschland, dragon age, drizzt do'urden, edgar allen poe, ender wiggin, ender's game, fallout 3, fifth element, final fantasy, fitzwilliam darcy, fullmetal alchemist, george r.r. martin, germany, green berets, h.p. lovecraft, indie, industrial, investing, iphone, ipod, iraq, jackson rathbone, jacob, laptops, leon: the professional, lord of the rings, lost, mark pellegrino, maru, mass effect, mass effect 2, mib, military intelligence, military police, mmorpgs, morrissey, night watch, nintendo ds, orson scott card, preacher, pride & prejudice, ps2, ps3, punk rock, quartermaster, r.a. salvatore, r.d. laing, regina spektor, rock, rufus wainwright, san diego, san diego chargers, san francisco, sci-fi, sony psp, star wars, stocks, techno, the hunted, the killers, the last airbender, the postal service, titus welliver, true blood, twlitf, vampires, video games, werewolves, wolfmother, world of warcraft, world war 2, wow, x-box 360

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